Humble Acres Bucks

Updated  07/25/2019

We are pleased to announce that our....
Our whole herd tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes ~ January and Feb 2019
Testing for bucks: 11/2018
Because of my concern of bacterial, viral and parasitical issues, I will no longer be leasing out my bucks, nor offer driveway breedings.
Thank you for understanding my concerns!
Email us or Text @ 207-467-0331
Everland V Rebel Bass - Sold

This boy throws such beautiful kids.

Dam's udder
A gorgeous, socked on udder that didn't budge even when milked out.
Sire's dam's udder
Humble Acres Elektra, full litter sister to Humble Acres Atreus.
Photo courtesy of Sally Nolan
Littermate sister's first fresh udder
Photos courtesy of Sally Nolan
Daughter, Rogue Fasse


Sire: Humble Acres LVB Volt
SS: Tiny Angels Levi Blues
(Morning Star NR Moonshine x Tiny Angels Bambi's Sonnet)
SD: Humble Acres A Elektra
(Fairlea Agamemnon x Flat Rocks Something Wild)
Dam: Humble Acres R Euterpe
DS: Caesar's Villa BB Rebel Yell
(Caesar's Villa FL Brat in Barn *S x ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Suthrn Bell 2*D)
DD: Dragonfly G Thalia
(MCH Twin Creeks BW Giacomo Puccini *S E 90.4  x MCH Dragonfly Calliope *D E 90.0
Tiny Angels OH Sir Gallahad - $600

DOB: 4/10/13

Gorgeous boy!!
Sharp at the withers and long bone
Photo courtesy Julie Guay
Littermate sister
CH Tiny Angles OH Honey Blossom
(Stands at Denbow Acres Farm)
Photo courtesy Abby Schofield
Gallahad daughters
Photos courtesy Julie Guay
Dam's udder
Photo courtesy Amber Zellars of RZ Acres (above)
Photo courtesy Abby Schofield (below)
Sire's dams udder
Sire: Humble Acres O Henry
See progeny here.
SS: Rosasharn GF Oba VEV 87
(Rosasharn TL Golden Flicker x Rosasharn WT B-Na VEEV88)
SD: Rosasharn SP Lilith
 (ARMCH Rosasharn's Sapporo +*S+*B 'E' x ARMCH Rosasharn TL Bewitched 6 *D, 6*M+EVV 87)
Dam: Tiny Angels Blu Bonnet
DS: Humble Acres A Atreus
(Fairlea Agamemnon  x Flat Rocks Something Wild)
DD: CH Weedy Tavern Farm Lilly LA EEEE FS 93
 (Tiny Angels Moon Shadow x Tiny Angels Bambi's Sonnet)
Stonebroke Farm ND Damiana
Photo courtesy of Stonebroke Farm
Dam's udder: Sugar Pie Honey
Below photos courtesy of Poppy Patch Farm
CH Poppy Patch FM Betty Boop
(Daughter of Ponders End The Full Monty)
CH Poppy Patch FM Dutchess
(Daughter of Ponders End The Full Monty)
Maternal Granddam: CH Semi-Sweet

OMF StingN Ned L


Sire: Old Mountain Farm StingN Ned L
SS: Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos 90VEE
(*B NC PromisedLand Tur-Beau*S x Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn)
SD: 3*M Old Mountain Farm BrownI'd Suz'N 5*D VEEE90 AR2404
(Old Mountain Farm Obsidian x 4*M ARMCH Fairlea Flower Power 4*D 'VG" AR1973)
Dam: Poppy Patch FM Sugar Pie Honey
DS: Ponders End The Full Monty
(Twin Creeks BH Bravado *S x Twin Creeks Tres Colors) 
DD: CH Poppy Patch RC Semi-Sweet
(Twin Creeks BW Rebel W/O A Cause *B+*S x Starbucks Dear Abby)


Stonebroke Farm TB Huckleberry $600

DOB 4/5/14

     Dawnland Tabby's Bengaline (dam)    
      Photo's courtesy Stonebroke Farm     
Kyeema Ridge MS Black Shadow
(maternal granddam)
Photos courtesy Laura Whitlock
God's Love Farm Phoebe
(paternal granddam)
Photos courtesy Cyndi Labbe
Dragonfly IH Orbit
(paternal great grand sire)
Sire: Crazy Acres HT Tiberius
SS: Dragonfly IH High Tide *S
(PromisedLand Incredible Hunk *S x Twin Creeks BW Pacifica 4*D E 91.2 AR)
SD: God's Love Farm Phoebe 4*D VG
(Dragonfly IH Orbit x SG Fairlea Claire 3*D)
Dam: Dawnland Tabby's Bengaline
DS: Rosasharn Tom's Water Tabby +++*S++*B
(ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S'E' (1997/2000 AGS National Champion Buck) x ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly 2*D)
DD: Kyeema Ridge MS Black Shadow
(Tiny Angels Moon Shadow x Rosasharn KB Pepper Corn)5*M LA90 EEEV


Ole'Humble Acres DW Erynnis (Ernie) - $600

DOB: 04/12/17

Dam's udder
Litter sister udder (Astral)
Maternal granddam udder
Sire: Dawnland SH Dusky Wing
SS: Dawnland Curry's Spicy Hot
(Rosasharn TL Curry *B *S x Piddlin Acres W Rosemary)
SD: AGS Dawnland Tabby's Whirlabout
(Rosasharn Tom’s Water Tabby ++*B +*S x TX Twincreeks WDF Butterfly Dance)
Dam: Heaven's Acres Swiss Miss
DS: NC Promisedland RC Sorcerer *S*B
(Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S ++B VEE90
(1x GCH, sire of ADGA Nat. CH) x GCH NC Promisedland Legacy Sunday 3*D 2*M LA-90 VEEE)
DD: CH Piddlin Acres Forest Nymph (HBF B Blackforrest x MCH/GCH Piddlin Acres PV Tansy *D*M)
(3X Jr. Champion 2X Sr. Champion)


Harmony Lane F Edward
Longest buck in my pen!
For Sale - $600
Please contact Sarah Rosado of Mye Hearts Farm
DOB: 9/14/14
Sire: Humble Acres O Henry
SS: Rosasharn GF Oba VEV 87
(Rosasharn TL Golden Flicker x Rosasharn WT B-Na VEEV88)
SD: Rosasharn SP Lilith
 (ARMCH Rosasharn's Sapporo +*S+*B 'E' x ARMCH Rosasharn TL Bewitched 6 *D, 6*M+EVV 87)
Dam: Tiny Angels Creeds Sabrina DS: Humble Acres Ranger's Creed
(Dragonfly HFX Aragorn (Ranger) X Humble Acres Valhalla VEEE 89 (as an 11 y/o)
DD: CH Tiny Angels American Beauty EVEE FS 91
(AGS Tiny Angles Levi Blues x Tiny Angels BTTB Painted Daisy)