For Sale

Updated: 07/25/2019
We are pleased to announce that our....
Our whole herd tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes ~ January and Feb 2019
Testing for bucks: 11/2018 (negative)
Because of my concern of bacterial, viral and parasitical issues, I will no longer be leasing out my bucks, nor offer driveway breedings.
Thank you for understanding my concerns!
Adult Does For Sale
Some does are sale pending confirmation.
Adult Bucks For Sale
Harmony Lane Edward  - $300
Tiny Angels OH Sir Gallahad - $600
Stonebroke Farm Damiana - $800
Ole'Humble Acres DW Erynnis (Ernie) - $600
Stonebroke Farm TB Huckleberry $600
None available at this time.