For Sale

Updated: 12/15/2017
We are pleased to announce that our....
Whole herd tested, once again, negative for CAE, Johnes and CL ~ May 2016
Because of my concern of bacterial, viral and parasitical issues, I will no longer be leasing out my bucks, nor offer driveway breedings.
Thank you for understanding my concerns!
Really need to downsize!!
These are not culls, and were hard decisions to make.
Does For Sale
Misty Hills Bit-O-Honey - Sale Pending
Everland Milky Way  
Sale Pending
(Hate to, but have alot of this line now.)
Bucks For Sale
Dawnland SH Dusky Wing -Sold
I may have more doe kids for sale later, as I seem to have retained too many Dusky Wing kids and
need to downsize.
Dawnland SH Dusky Wing x Humble Acres Cinnamon Girl
Lots of width, level toplines and wide rumps.
Cinnamon freshened with an all around nice udder.
Now $350 ea
Twins: 2 does; 1 retained

DOB: 6/14/17

Humble Acres Ginger
Humble Acres Spice
Dusky's litter sister's first fresh udder

Denbow Acres Farm Hudson x Heaven's Acres Princess Peach
A linebreeding on Water Tabby
Quints; 4 does, 1 buck
1 doe retained
2 does sold
Buck sold
$450 (reduced from $500)
Long bone and level topline
Peach's Pride

Dawnland SH Dusky Wing  x Humble Acres PH Private Joy
$350 (reduced from $400)
Sale pending
Humble Acres Lotus
 Wasn't going to keep her, but...
Okay, have to sell... too many!
She is deep, with a ton of width. These pics were taken of her at under 3 months


None available at this time.
1st refusal - JL
Bucks not sold by 7 weeks will be wethered. See kidding schedule for first fresh (ff) kiddings. Bucks out of 1st fresheners will be wethered.