Kidding Schedule - 2019

Updated 05/14/2019

Sales and Reservation Policy
Our whole herd tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes ~ January and Feb 2019
Testing for bucks: 11/2018 (negative)
All bucks will be wethered at 7 weeks if not sold intact before then. Please, if you have an interest, don't wait...
  They all receive lots of human attention, so are well socialized.
Email or Text @ 207-467-0331
All future kids will carry the name Ole'Humble Acres as their registered names. Though I was sure I had registered my farm name, Humble Acres Farm, with ADGA long ago, I was mistaken, and the name was registered by another farm in 2007.
*Prices are subject to change upon udder evaluation at freshening. If you have an interest, please reserve now.

$125 for wethers, get the 2nd @ $75

In order to end the confusion, my herd has been disbursed on lease to a few farm friends due to a medical diagnoses that will likely be quite a journey for me.  I will be bringing them all back in spring 2019 or when kids are weaned.
In the comment section, please see where said goat stands. You can still reserve from me where you see prices.

Slated Buck
*Subject to change*
Due Date
@145 days
Ole'Humble Acres J Annalise
Tiny Angels OH Sir Gallahad
Kidded 2/5/19
Ole'Humble Acres Kallistie
Tiny Angels OH Sir Gallahad
Triplets, 2 does, 1 buck
Kidded 2/27
None available
A tight line breeding on Humble Acres O Henry
Ole'Humble Acres Astral
Stonebroke Farm Damiana
Kidded 3/8/19
Triplets: 2 does, 1 buck
1 doe available
1 wether available
$500 N/A
Ole'Humble Acres Satine
Everland V Rebel Bass
Kidded 3/8/2019
Triplet does
1 doe available
Heaven's Acres KRW Harpina
CH Tiny Angels Rustler VEE90
Leased and Bred by Denbow Acres Farm
Due 4/29/19
Heaven's Acres Princess Peach
Stonebroke Farm Damiana
Bred 2/1/19
Due 6/26
Lots of Tom Thumb: Especially heavy on paternal side of Damiana $600
Denbow Acres Farm Heidrun
Heidrun is linebred on Humble Acres Farm Atreus
Tiny Angels OH Sir Gallahad
Bred 1/25/19
Due 6/19/19
Moonspots possible.
Ole'Humble Acres Adorabella-ff
CH Tiny Angels Rustler VEE90
Due 5/4/19
  N/A N/A
Ole' Humble Acres Valkyrie-ff
Fairlea Mookie Betts *B
Stands at We Goat it Farm on lease
Moonspots possible
N/A N/A $125