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Updated 03/25/2019

Informational Sites
American Dairy Goat Association Raw Milk Facts
Goat Medications and How To Use Them
Onion Creek Ranch - about raw milk
Basic Info on Copper Deficiency in Dairy Goats
The Biology of the Goat
(animated scientific illustrations)
Merck's Veterinary Manual
Feeling For Ligaments - Is she ready to kid?
Maine's Dept. of Agriculture University of Maine Livestock Extension
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education  (SARE) Pre/Post Kidding Preparations
Goat Care Weston A Price Foundation
Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and The Healing Arts
American Goat Society
Washington State University (WADDL)
For those who wish to send their own blood draws, i.e., CAE, Johnes, CL, etc.
Your vet may be willing to leave the drawn blood, or if you know someone who can do the draws, each test is $6.00 vs. the $25 - $45.00 (prices may vary) per test  at WSU-- cost does depend on where your vet sends the blood for work-up. Very easy to use WADDL!!
Just give them a call as they are very helpful with any "how to" questions
Hoegger Goat Supply New England Cheesemaking Supply
w/Ricki Carroll
KV Vet Supplies The Cheesemaker
Jeffers Livestock Home Cheesemaking at Hoeggers
PBS Animal Health    Wiggins and Associates   
Caprine Supply Valley Vet Supplies
 Hamby Dairy Supply QC Supply
Jolly German
For those hard to find supplements
Misc. Links
    American Goat Society
Bee Pride, Lebanon, ME
Great people offering all needs.
American Dairy Goat Association Stop Animal ID
Stackyard Agrilinks Goat World
Goat Kingdom
Dairy Goat Journal
Information, ideas, and insights for everyone who raises, manages, or just loves goats.
Breeder Friends
Dragonfly Farm - MA Herding Cats Acre - ME

Denbow Acres Farm - ME

We Goat It Farm, ME
Dawnland Farm - NH Mye Hearts Farm, CT
Soapmaking and Toiletries
The Spirit Goat - Utah Sweet Cheeks Soap Co - CO
Cricket Corner Soapworks - Wells, ME